This page contains standard practices for developing Amp, focusing on repositories and documentation.

Repositories and branching

The main Amp repository lives on bitbucket, andrewpeterson/amp. We employ a branching model where the master branch is the main development branch, containing day-to-day commits from the core developers and honoring merge requests from others From time to time, we create a new branch that corresponds to a release. This release branch contains only the tagged release and any bug fixes.


You are welcome to contribute new features, bug fixes, better documentation, etc. to Amp. If you would like to contribute, please create a private fork and a branch for your new commits. When it is ready, send us a merge request. We follow the same basic model as ASE; please see the ASE documentation for complete instructions.

It is also a good idea to send us an email if you are planning something complicated.


This documentation is built with sphinx. On your own computer, you can build a copy with a command like:

$ sphinx-build . /tmp/ampdocs/